Download the Olation Whitepaper

Olation is the Future of OLAP

Perhaps you have heard that OLAP is dead? The reality is that OLAP technology is only now coming into its own. Download the Olation White Paper for all the juicy details on how it connects data from source to screen.


Olation features:

  • One-time easy mapping of existing relational structures into multidimensional ones
  • Communication of data between systems and connection from data source(s) to reporting tools.
  • Easily work with other programs to empower them and leverage existing investments
    • back-to-front
    • data table-to-dashboard
    • relational database-to-financial report
  • Correspond to any multidimensional data types(dimensions and cubes)
  • Defined relationships between environments
  • Intelligent drill-down into cubes with corresponding drill-through into relational transactions
  • Full API supporting third-party access to all Olation functions
  • Total algebraic expression across all dimensions

Download the white paper now